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Tanka is a "Reimer Rottweiler" and my best dog friend-he is happy, gentle, intelligent and just gorgeous! His health is excellent and shows no sign of any hip problems associated with big dogs-he comes from good, solid stock and started off life in a loving family home, the Reimer family. Cris loves her dogs and it shows!
Hey Cris!

I was just thinking about you and wanted to congratulate you on all of your success. I also wanted to give you an update on our little man Tuna. Tuna, the love of my life, is wonderful. I think he became a grandfather overnight. He still enjoys his 2 walks per day, and daycare twice a week, but he just loves to sleep. Although he always loved to sleep. My first thought was concern maybe something wrong but after testing and ultrasounds and X-rays and blood tests and more, I found that I just have a dog that is super healthy and just likes to sleep, and definitely does not want to run with me. All which is fine. Jack and I are so in love with Tuna. I always joke that if something happened to us, he could have everything just not Tuna. People ask sometimes what I am most proud of in my life, I could say my degrees, marriage, etc, but the truth is, the thing I'm most proud of is Tuna. I made him gentle, and smart, and social, and loving, and walkable And more. I am sure genetics played a part, but I trained him. When I first got Tuna, people said vicious things to me, like this dog will turn on me, I wont be able to do it, among other dumb things. I am happy to say that I proved all of those dumb people wrong! My Tuna, is the gentlest of giants! My five year old niece curls up him on his mat and will fall asleep with him.

We also decided late last year to take on another dog, this time a Rescue. His papers said Rottweiler/beagle, but the vet thinks beagle/ pitbull / shar pei . His same is Todd. Todd has become social, and Tuna has been wonderful with him. We walk Tuna and Todd always together, and Todd loves snuggling with Tuna. Todd is about 1 yrs old, and everything is going better then I could even imagine. If life had nothing else to give me but Jack, Tuna, and Todd, it would be enough! I am truly blessed!

All of my love
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Cris!!...it's been so long...I hope all is well and wonderful in your world. Our little Elle aka Stumpy continues to amaze and delight us! She is so dedicated to her family...so very consistent and even...never waivers. I said to Helmut the other day Elle just goes with the flow...we play...she plays...we sleep she sleeps....she can do anything w Axel and Sinn (Shin)...they just move out of her way.
She had a huge part in raising Sinn...I am pretty sure he wouldn't be half the dog he is today w/o her input and guidance.
Not a day goes by that I don't look at her in amazement and thank who ever was responsible for bringing us all together.
XO Sheila
Dakota is doing great! We’ve been taking him to the dog park, at first he wanted nothing to do with all the other dogs but now we’ve went about 6 times and hes loving it. He has been play wrestling with other dogs and going on long off leach walks. We absolutely adore him. We just started leaving him at home for short periods of time while going out to the grocery store and we’ve had no problems so far.

Caitlin, my younger sister is having a very hard time at school with friends and has been constantly bullied but when she comes home and walks through that front door and sees Dakotas face just brighten to see her she’s like it’s the first time they’ve played together. THEYRE ADOREABLE!!!

Thank you soo much for brightening our lives,

Sinead and the family!
Dorothy is great. She's about 90 lbs now. She loves playing with our other dog almost as much as she likes going out to see the people. Her markings are gorgeous, totally symmetrical too. She loves everyone and everyone loves her! My best friend.

Matt W.
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