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We have two planned breedings for 2016.  Our next planned litter will be bred shortly.
As per FCI (European/German) Standards, we are no longer docking tails or removing front dewclaws.  Our puppies are always well handled and socialized. In fact we partially imprint train them at birth. What does this mean? It means that we share the parental role with the mother of the pups. We've found that our puppies tend to be more easily trainable. And most often reach many training goals earlier than a kennel raised puppy. As our dogs have such wonderful temperments, and are so well bonded with us, they happily accept our guidance and participation in their whelping experience. We are present during the birthing, we handle all the pups, cut and iodine all the cords. Every other day or so, we hot towel the puppies in an attempt to keep our puppies clean and sweet smelling, it also allows us to check them over and ensure that all's well.

Once the puppies eyes/ears open and they begin to walk (3 to 4 weeks old), we begin to take them outside often throughout the day. Our goal is to ensure that as soon as they are aware of their environment, that they are encouraged to conduct their bathroom duties outside. We also feel that the change in stimuli and freedom to exercise produces a well-rounded, happy, healthy puppy. The puppy areas are cleaned daily, more often as they get older, this encourages them to keep their sleeping areas clean.

At 5 weeks old, we begin to wean our pups from their Dam. This also ensures that the Dam has a chance to recoup and recover, and prevents her from getting too worn out.

By 8 weeks old, when our Registered Puppies are ready to go to their new homes, they leave with a 'free' trial 6 week PetSecure pet insurance, rear dewclaws removed, been dewormed, microchipped & received their 1st vaccinations with heatlh papers from our Vet, our own Reimer's Registered Rottweiler Guarantee & lifetime of Support. We also send our Puppies home with a comprehensive 'Puppy Kit', to help get our Families started with their New Puppy.

Also, check out our Testimonial page as I have received many wonderful pictures and updates.

For More information on our planned breedings or to be put on one of our waiting lists for a puppy, feel free to contact Cris at
(905) 632-4618 or puppies@reimersrottweilers.ca
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